We offer unique loans tailored to your needs, to help your business grow and evolve faster. Our loans are available for both US and non-US organizations and the funds will be available to you in a timely manner. In addition to rapid funds we offer lower interest rates so that you are no longer limited to traditional bank loans as Dolare empowers you to take a more efficient approach.

Small Business Loans

You've made it to the place for taking a loan in order to start or evolve your business. We recognize that the small businesses are a cornerstone of the economy, on every level, and we want to support your venture to success.

Dolare's solutions in this sector offer you a quick application and a unique loan adaptation and structuring made by your business needs.

We made the procedure simple, with no superfluous delays and excessive documentation, in order to provide you a viable solution in up to three days.

Our loans start at .000, delivering the foundation that you need, in both U.S. and non – U.S. markets.

Medium Business Loans

Our tailored loans are going to reinvigorate your medium sized business.

We know that a lot of medium sized businesses are struggling with banks to obtain a loan, or credit line, in order to secure their cashflow needs. It’s our dedication which makes us embrace those cases and make them viable success stories.

Check out our solutions, that go up to MM for all medium businesses. We made sure to be capable reaching out to all valued clients, as we’re operating on a worldwide market.

Dolare’s payments and money transfer services will provide further help to your business cash cycle.

Corporate Loans

We cherish our connections to corporate clients and foreign institutions, offering them loans of more than MM, and requiring a minimal credit history.

Our solutions are quick and well – placed, making our high worth loans customized to satisfy the needs of our client’s corporate businesses.

Your informed decision will be guided by our financial experts, giving you the opportunity to carefully structure your financial plan.

Our utmost goal is to enable our clients to have viable corporate businesses, through a simple application to our corporate loans, flexible terms and a fast execution.

Maritime Financing

Maintaining long – term goals in a very volatile market can be a hard-seller, or even a deal breaker when talking to other banks.

We recognize the strength and determination in our maritime clients. Whether it’s funding vessel acquisitions, fleet expansion, debt financing or restructuring debt, sale/leasebacks, or time/bareboat charters, our dedicated team will help you develop a best solution to your needs.

Our structured loans, and debt financing solutions, enables us to be a valuable partner when the tides rise. With an experience in mediation, syndication and debt financing, we offer our help facilitating the funding you need.

Dolare’s maritime lending portfolio makes a great portion of our product mix, so we’re making sure we make our clients grow and increase their appetite for success.

Our key areas of focus are Deep Ocean and Coastland/Inland vessels.